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We promote the responsible stewardship of all domestic animals
When we, as humans, put two animals together and create a new life, we act like gods.  What kind of god would you be if you allowed those animals to be neglected, abused, or die horribly in a high-kill shelter?

Thank you for visiting Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc (HALS) official website. 
We are dedicated to help end abuse, neglect, and homelessness of our domestic animals and companion animals.  Domestic animals and companion animals are created by humans and depend on humans for everything.  A basic premise of being a human is to treat others as you would have other treat you.  This does not just apply human to human.  Humans are the stewards of this planet and it is up to every human to not abuse, neglect or abandon domestic animals and if you see or are aware of abuse or neglect DO SOMETHING.  
HALS will be developing programs for everyone to help.  We are looking humans willing to help. 
RIGHT NOW, WE NEED TO REBUILD THIS WEBSITE.  If you are a web designer, please contact us NOW.
Thank you

Download the application for your smart phone, register, choose to support Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc.  When you go for a walk turn on Walk Your Dog and they will donate to us.

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Home At Last Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non profit charitable organization  dedicated to improving the conditions all domestic animals.
Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc. is proud to announce we are now an approved charity through the Combined Federal Campaign.  Please make is part of your work place giving.
Help save HALS dogs!
HALS dogs are ALL the other dogs we could not foster and find homes for. 
The ones that are now in high-kill shelter, These are dogs that came from irresponsible people that did not spay or neuter they dogs.  These are dogs that were born in puppy mills, These are dogs that were unwanted gifts.  These are dogs that got dumped because; their family was moving, dogs their family are having a baby, dogs that were too active, dogs that, well dogs that had stupid owners.

Dogs and cats are NOT PETS, they are lifetime family companions.  They require a lifetime commitment of care and love.  If you cannot commit and you want a pet get a hamster, or a gerbil, or a guinea pig, or a snake, or a lizard.  DO NOT GET A COMPANION ANIMAL UNLESS YOU CAN MAKE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT.
While this site is under construction you can click on the links below to find out more about what we are doing now:

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Watch some YouTube videos of my foster dogs. 

Make sure you See All Videos under HalSavesDogs channel

This website is about HELP. Help us help you help more animals.

We will:
Help create coalition to bring together all groups, shelters, transporters by offering a central resources.  United we stand able to do more, to save more. Let us help you.

Help spread the word of responsible stewardship of domestic animals, in our schools, places of worship, summer camps, girls and boys clubs, adoption events, and more..  Raising public awareness of the conditions of our overcrowded, irresponsible breeding companion animals for profit, companion animals are not gifts, they are a lifetime of responsibility. Influencing our children will change the way we all think about how we can make a difference

Help families looking for the first time or the tenth time for their next companion animal resources to find their next lifetime companion. Often times people decide to get a dog because of what it looks like. Adopting a companion animal requires the right match of activity, and personality for the family.  These have nothing to do with what the animal looks like.  Your family makeup and activity level, as well as personality of other companion animals in your home is key to a successful relationship.  Every single dog has a different personality, activity level and behaviors.  

Help rescue groups by offering fostering orientation programs to potential, new, and experienced fosters. Fostering dogs can be difficult and challenging thing to do.  It is not as if you are going to get a cute, well-behaved, family pet.  Even if they are well balanced and cared for family pet, once the end up in the system they get confused and this can lead to bad behavior.  There are ways to ease a foster companion animal into your home.  Following a few basic procedures can make the process of fostering more successful and enjoyable for the foster and the animal.

Help families with companion animals find resources to enrich their relationship with their friend.  We will provide listings for dog trainers, dog walkers,  kennels, dog parks, veterinarians, and  other ways to improve the way we care and provide for our companion animals.

Help rescue groups by providing loving stable foster home for dogs.  We now have fostered many dogs for several rescue groups. The real problem with fostering is this work is harder that all of the other help above and actually would save fewer animals, it is still absolutely necessary.

Do you need help? How can we help you? Click on CONTACT and let me know.  

How can YOU HELP?  Volunteer, adopt a homeless animal, SPREAD THE WORD; "Spay or neuter your companion animal, do not buy dogs that are products of puppy mills or irresponsible breeders, research the right breed / companion animal for your family", Donate; Startup cost are soaring please donate. Click on the DONATE button
Tell your friends about the great work we are doing. Thank you for your support!
I have a dream..... Sanctuary
Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc. is not in a position to take owner surrenders, stray, or lost dogs at this time.  We are looking for cash and or property donations in order to open sanctuary.  Check back in the future. Thank you

While we are getting up and running your contributions are going to be absolutely necessary. 
Click on DONATE below or you can mail your  donations to:
Home At Last Sanctuary, Inc.
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Every dollar donated will help domestic animals in need
Thank you for your donation.